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Welcome to our Interlining World

Dawn Trading Company was founded in 1996. In this short time span the company has grown to become a leading supplier of woven, non-woven and knitted fusible interlinings in the Pakistan.

Located in Lahore-Heart of Pakistan, we cover market of Lahore, Faisalabad, Karachi, Sialkot, Islamabad and Multan. We offer multiple woven, non-woven fusible/non-fusible and knitted interlinings.

Our reputation for high quality interlinings have become renowned in all over Pakistan. This has enabled the company to expand its business to the point that it is going to open offices in all big cities. Today, many of the largest apparel manufacturers have come to depend on us to support their production facilities on a global basis with consistent product and technical support.

Our Products

Fashion is diversity, and the diversity of fashion is matched by the versatility of the Dawn collection. With woven, knitted and non-woven products of every kind, Dawn is able to offer the right product for all Interlining applications.

Woven Interlinings

Our fusible woven interlinings satisfy even the most demanding application. The use of ultra-modern yarns, the availability of a range of weights and a wide variety of colors meet all the needs of the clothing industry. Another asset is the fusing technology.

Non-woven Interlinings

High quality non-woven interlinings are another asset of our collection. The range extends from the finest quality 100% polyamide products with ultra fine coating to heavier blends and budget-priced every-day non-wovens.

Knitted Interlinings

The range extends from classical knitted rayon articles of varying weights to texturized knitted interlinings in many different colors and designs. Fusible, knitted interlinings provide the perfect basis for efficient production of ready-to-wear clothes. Here to, the specially formulated coatings insure the best in dependability. Assorted circular and jersey knit fusible interlinings have stretch and recovery properties.

Thermal Bond Non-wovens

Ranging from weight of 10 gms to 100 gms in different weights and widths.

Our Services

We are dedicated to superior service for our customers, and are dedicated to helping them affirm the quality & integrity of their garments, worldwide. More than simply supplying product to our customers, we assist in every aspect of the process, from R & D through production and quality controls. We offer following services:


Testing of outer fabric


Post processing tests


Testing bond strength, shrinkage


Fusing tests and recommendations


Products information


Fusing Press check up


Blouse/ Dress/Suit Jacket

  • Thermal bond nonwoven
  • Tricot
  • Circular knit
  • Weft insertion
  • Woven


  • Top fuse
  • Thermal bond non-woven
  • Saturate non-woven
  • Tricot
  • Circular Knit

Small Parts

  • Saturate non-woven
  • Thermal bond non-woven
  • Tapes {front edge, armhole,

    bridle, shoulder}


  • Saturate non-woven
  • Thermal bond non-woven
  • Tricot